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Housekeeping Guidelines for Construction Sites

Category | OSHA    Posted by SafetyON | April 04, 2017
Construction sites are at risk of accidents, if not maintained properly. In order to promote workplace health and safety at constructi the OHSA has stipulated the guidelines for housekeeping procedures to be carried out at the site in order to keep it clear of any hazardous situations that might cause damage to life. While all the construction wastes and debris must be immediately disposed of in a dedicated area, the materials that can be reused must be stowed away in the storage facilities on a…

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OSHA Guidelines for Adequate Maintenance of Industrial Work Premises

Category | OSHA    Posted by SafetyON | March 21, 2017
The majority of all workplace accidents in industrial establishments occur as a result of a faulty setup and ill-maintenance of the premises. The workplace health and safety guidelines stipulated by the OHSA with regard to the setup and maintenance of the work premises of the industrial plants and manufacturing units include the following:  The floor of the premises should not be made slippery by any protective coating or material and must be kept free of accumulation of debris or snow, and…

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Guidelines Stipulated by OHSA Regarding the Use of Protective Equipment at Workplace

Category | OSHA    Posted by SafetyON | March 05, 2017
Apart from providing the workers with the adequate protective equipment for working in and around hazardous areas,   it is the company’s obligation to impart proper training to their workers regarding the function and importance of the safety gear. The OHSA stipulates that for optimum occupational health and safety, the workers must be adequately trained and instructed in caring for and using the protective equipment at all times while handling hazardous substances or machinery. Apart…

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