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We have over 20 years of working experience and we are experts in demonstrating legislative compliance so we know what it means when your company is inspected by government enforcement agencies.

If your organization wants to make improvements in workplace safety and is ready to implement those changes, Health and safety consulting services can give you an analysis and guidance that you can use to implement safety changes. A safety consultant is not and should not be part of your management strategy, but should be used as an independent, “fresh set of eyes” to help you detect and solve problems. All safety consultants are knowledgeable in a broad range of topics related to occupational health and safety, but besides general safety competencies, SafetyON has specialized expertise in OHSA and the Canada Labour Code Part II, which will help you achieve and exceed regulatory compliance. We can help you by providing custom-tailored analysis and training content, and help you translate these recommendations into actions and a plan for ongoing safety management. Choosing to engage a safety consultant from SafetyON can be the first step towards creating a workplace that is better, safer, and more compliant with Ontario and Canadian legislation.

SafetyON’s safety consultants can provide you with a variety of services, such as a comprehensive safety analysis, workplace inspections, gap analysis of existing safety programs and policies, training programs based on our analyses, policy and manual development, and third-party auditing. SafetyON’s safety consultants are Canadian Registered Safety Professionals (CRSPs), who will work with you to develop an accurate and comprehensive picture of your business, and then work with you on your safety needs from there. SafetyON’s CRSP safety consultants can also help you prepare for audits and deal with issues that require immediate and urgent action. We also offer set-curriculum training courses for professionals. (Please see our Available Training Courses page for more information.)

Whatever your safety needs are, and whatever your business is, SafetyON’s safety consultants can help you achieve your goals to have a safe workplace and provide you and your employees with workplace well-being. For health and safety consulting services you may dial +1 833 324 7233

How to Stay Safe in the Construction Field

Let’s face it; we’ve all thought about doing construction work. Just rolling up our sleeves and getting down and dirty to do some honest labouring. In fact, according to Statistics Canada “In 2010, 7.1% of working Canadians aged 15 or older presently, or had, worked in the construction industry”. And the trend only continued with an increase…