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How to Choose Between Health and Safety Consulting Companies

There are many health and safety consulting companies on the market.  How do you choose which health and safety consulting company is right for you?

First, you need to look at what your workplace needs. Do your workers need training? Do your policies and procedures need updating? Are you worried about a Ministry of Labour inspection? Do you want to know if there are any gaps in your current safety program? Do you operate in a specialized industry and require industry-specific health and safety solutions?  A health and safety consulting company can help you fill all those needs, if you select the right one.  That’s when you need to research safety consulting companies, to make sure you find the right one for you and your needs.

Not all safety consulting companies are the right fit for every safety need. Some safety consulting companies only provide a small range of services, or work only within one particular industry. SafetyON, however, is different. 

SafetyON is a full-service health and safety consulting company that can work with you to fill all your health and safety needs.  All of SafetyON’s health and safety consultants are Canadian Registered Safety Professionals, and many have industry-specific areas of expertise. As well, SafetyON has a proven track record of working with the Ministry of Labour, so we are in tune with what the Ministry’s expectations of compliance. Plus, we offer services from documentation to training to inspection preparation.  In the world of safety consulting companies, we stand out, because of both the breadth and depth of experience and knowledge we can bring to bear on safety solutions for both small and large businesses.

Have a look at our website to see how SafetyON stands out from other safety consulting companies.  You’ll see that the SafetyON difference makes all the difference, so contact us today to see how we can help you have a safer future at work.

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