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Third Party Audit - Workplace Safety Ontario Toronto

Companies seeking a third-party compliance audit to confirm regulatory compliance and meet contractual obligations trust the consultants at SafetyON to ensure a robust occupational health and safety program. Our qualified and experienced safety advisers provide end-to-end service, from reviewing your premises and recording observations to helping you identify gaps, set priorities and implement appropriate measures.

Benefits of a third-party audit

Third-party audits were designed to identify and rectify compliance issues before they become major problems. The benefits of a third-party audit from SafetyON include: 

  • Offering an independent, objective assessment of the state and effectiveness of health and safety consulting at your organisation
  • Determining root cause of compliance problems to prevent recurrence
  • Avoiding Notices of Violation and fines resulting from non-compliance
  • Preparing for announced regulatory compliance audits at the provincial and federal level
  • Preparing for new regulations that may affect operations and future compliance
  • Implementing best management practices to optimally safeguard the well-being of employees
  • Minimising the risk of business or personal liability
  • Exploring ways to enhance the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of your existing compliance program
  • Harvesting a culture of responsibility across your organisation 

Some of our clients have requested third-party compliance audits to fulfil the due diligence required at the time of acquisition.

What to expect from the audit

Our audits are highly structured with a built-in qualitative or quantitative rating system. We can conduct an organization-wide audit, at the branch or department level, or on a project-basis. All aspects of your health and safety management program are assessed. At the initial consultation, we form an accurate understanding of your business, what you require and what needs to be done. Based on this legwork, we design an audit aligned to your specific circumstances and needs. Our assessments are comprehensive, including and not limited to safety and health procedures and practices, and identification of workplace/worksite hazards.

Our safety advisers also interview staff who have first-hand knowledge of your health and safety programs and its strengths and shortcomings. After reporting observations, we devise a suitable plan of action to address risks and correct omissions.

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