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Which High Traffic Area Workers are at Maximum Risk of Work Related Injuries?

Category | Workplace Fatalities    Posted by SafetyON | April 25, 2017
It may not be correct to say that all jobs are high risk ones and that all workers are working in difficult conditions but there are a few jobs. where the conditions do expose workers to greater risk. In particular, when tasks have to be carried out in high traffic areas, workplace injuries and fatalities are more likely to occur. And this may happen despite adequate health and safety procedures taken by the employees themselves or the employer. Typically, the risk is higher when work is being carried…

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Radon in Indoor Air - Guidelines You should Know About

Category | Workplace Fatalities    Posted by SafetyON | February 01, 2017
The dangers of working for long periods in locations where asbestos is present is quite well known, thanks to the publicity that the issue has received in the past. However, there are other harmful materials that can cause workplace injuries and fatalities but are not as well known. One such material is radon, a radioactive gas that may be released from some building materials. This makes it a hazard to watch out for where construction health and safety are a priority. Since the gas is colourless,…

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CAPP Report Shows Vehicle Cause 6 Out Of 10 Workplace Deaths

Category | Workplace Fatalities    Posted by SafetyON | October 24, 2016
According to research based on data obtained for the period between 2001-13, the Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers estimates that vehicles are responsible for 60% of all workplace fatalities all over Canada. These findings are not related to the fossil fuels industry but also cover retail, construction, transport and wide variety of industries. The CAPP believes that nearly three-thirds of all deaths were caused in the transport and equipment operators, trades, and related industries.…

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