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OSHA Guidelines for Adequate Maintenance of Industrial Work Premises

Category | OSHA    Posted by SafetyON | March 21, 2017

The majority of all workplace accidents in industrial establishments occur as a result of a faulty setup and ill-maintenance of the premises.

OSHA Guidelines for Adequate Maintenance of Industrial Work Premises

The workplace health and safety guidelines stipulated by the OHSA with regard to the setup and maintenance of the work premises of the industrial plants and manufacturing units include the following: 

  • The floor of the premises should not be made slippery by any protective coating or material and must be kept free of accumulation of debris or snow, and any kind of hazards or obstructions that might lead to a mishap.
  • The moving parts or mobile structure of machinery must be provided with proper clearance to minimize the occurrence of accidents involving the workers operating them or working within close proximity to them.
  • All the uncovered openings in the roof, platforms or floors and hazardous areas around electrical installations and dangerous machinery must be surrounded by guardrails along the perimeter to prevent unexpected falls and accidents involving the workers.
  • In projects involving road construction or the like where the workers have the danger of being hit by pedestrian or vehicle traffic, proper signage and barriers must be used to alert the others to practice utmost precaution around the workers. 

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