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How a Construction Safety Consultant Can Make a Difference for Your Workplace

You are walking through your construction site. You look up and see a worker high above on some scaffolding. He is not wearing a fall restraint harness.  What do you do? 

On your construction site, a cable breaks and a heavy piece of material falls from a crane, narrowly missing some workers on the ground. How do you formally deal with this incident?

While driving a truck at your site, a worker is in a crash and is killed. What are your procedures for analyzing and responding to a fatal accident in your workplace?

If you don’t know the answers to these questions or have policies and procedures in place to handle these and other possible outcomes of hazards in the construction industry, you need a construction safety consultant. A construction safety consultant is knowledgeable about the specific hazards that pertain to construction sites (such as falls from heights, incidents involving heavy equipment, electrocutions, and crush injuries) and can perform a gap analysis of your workplace and help you develop a set of policies and procedures for your specific sector of the business. A construction safety consultant can also provide construction-specific safety training so that your workers know what they need to do to stay safe on the job. A construction safety consultant can also help you respond to serious workplace incidents.

A construction safety consultant can also help you develop some of these strategies es

  • A safety-first approach on the job
  • Management safety
  • Including safety in project planning
  • Reviewing and learning from near-miss and full-blown incidents
  • Regular inspections by your safety representative(s),

 as well as helping you comply with the Ministry of Labour’s regulations and policies. A construction safety consultant understands the unique needs of the dangerous construction business and can help you make your workplace as safe as possible. SafetyON’s Canadian Registered Safety Professional construction safety consultants are waiting to help you, so contact us to see how we can help.

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