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According to the Occupational Health and Safety Act, under section 54(1) of its guidelines, the Ministry of Labour reserves the right to send an inspector to make a surprise visit to your workplace without any form of notice or warrant. If you do receive a MOL inspector at your doorstep, you are required by law to allow the inspector to conduct a workplace investigation. The OHSA applies to nearly all workplaces, employers, and employees in Ontario.

Meet MOL standards

We provide unique services that enable our clients to effectively comply with the standards set forth by the Ministry of Labour without needing to compromise on worker health & safety and organisational goals. The MOL routinely sends inspectors to workplaces to ensure that standards are being enforced. We assist firms in meeting the various standards detailed by OHSA and the Ministry of Labour.

The ministry's key avenues include employment responsibilities and rights, occupational safety and health, and labour relations. The ministry's job is to develop, spread, and enforce the standards it creates all across Ontario. The ministry is highly involved in the matter of creating and implementing numerous strategies that are geared at preventing and reducing the instances of workplace injuries and illnesses. The ministry also sets guidelines for the health and safety training of workers across different industries.

Health and Safety Committees

We assist numerous firms, employers, and supervisors in the development of health and safety committees that enable them to deal with the surprise inspections from the MOL efficiently. With such committees, employers will be able to recognise potential safety hazards, plan mock inspections, monitor all existing practices, and develop appropriate solutions wherever necessary. Companies are encouraged to conduct regular inspections that provide them with valuable information about their overall health and safety consulting.

We always encourage employers to develop comprehensive plans and strategies that demonstrate due diligence with the standards set forward by OHSA in all aspects of their business to minise . If there exists even one form of health risk or hazard, the company is liable to be fined by the Ministry of Labour.

Canadian Registered Safety Professionals (CRSPs)

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