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Case Study; Royal Thai Takeout Express

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Case Study; Royal Thai Takeout Express

Category | Safety Training    Posted by SafetyON | October 19, 2020

As before the COVID pandemic became widely spread, it has always been important to analyze and scrutinize the flaws in safety procedure. Case studies are a useful way to learn from any missteps and thus utilize the experience to avoid a repeat in the future. Today’s example pertains to a South Asian food restaurant which was forced to close due to misconduct and violations of by-laws during July of the pandemic.

As with many other restaurants, Royal Thai Takeout Express was forced to dedicate itself solely to takeout and delivery services in light of the heavy restrictions governing what eateries can stay open. Although offering that type of food service previously, Royal Thai was struggling to meet the newly increased demand, something close to triple the original order volume. Though this was great for them in terms of business, it began to mean shortcuts were being taken as a result of the growth. While regular food handling protocols were observed for the most part, the staff largely didn’t believe that the COVID-19 precautionary bylaws were relevant to them. Further they argued in written submissions as well that “we all know each other, work together and don’t travel, so why should we need to wear masks?”.

This is a key component of why this restaurant was closed down, and is in fact a great chance to learn why education is an important response to issues like this. At a later hearing to determine the outcome of the event and ensuing discipline, the restaurant staff were all given council by a provincially recommended Safety Consultant. They explained the depth of the misinformation the team had, and how their actions could lead to infections of both their family as well as the customers through transmission in the food. The educational aspect proved invaluable and the restaurant is set to reopen after a several month hiatus. During that time Royal Thai Takeout Express , just like countless restaurants around the globe, can adapt itself to better serve and survive as a business in the COVID-19 world.

Considering the unprecedented nature of what we’re all going through, it’s of the utmost importance to listen to the advisement and teachings given by those who do have the expertise on the subject. Social distancing and precautionary measures are of vital importance in ensuring limited viral spread of the disease and allowing our medical infrastructure to handle it as best we can. We need to act like we’re all in this together, because we are.