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We are Unique in Health and Safety Services in Toronto, Ontario

Unlike other consulting companies, we do not offer expensive generic safety procedures and training materials.  We know every company is different and so are their needs when it comes to managing health and safety.  SafetyON Environmental Inc. is unique because of our profound understanding of  OHSA  and Canada Labour Code Part II on account of developing health and safety training programs for two leading colleges, and other  Government subsidised programs in Ontario. We are on the pulse of health and safety update to the legislation.We draw upon our 20 years of experience working in the private sector and government agencies with both Federal and Provincial legislation. We understand how policies will translate into action in any given workplace.


We appreciate the value of safe workplace and budgetary constraints faced by companies as such we assess needs and build upon existing programs. Our strength lies in identifying where help is needed, determining control measures and delivering effective solutions on time. We offer accurate and customised solutions, so you demonstrate due diligence in a time efficient and cost effective manner.


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