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Housekeeping Guidelines for Construction Sites

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Housekeeping Guidelines for Construction Sites

Category | OSHA    Posted by SafetyON | April 04, 2017

Construction sites are at risk of accidents, if not maintained properly. In order to promote workplace health and safety at construction sites

construction health safety Housekeeping Guidelines Construction Sites

the OHSA has stipulated the guidelines for housekeeping procedures to be carried out at the site in order to keep it clear of any hazardous situations that might cause damage to life.

  • While all the construction wastes and debris must be immediately disposed of in a dedicated area, the materials that can be reused must be stowed away in the storage facilities on a regular basis.
  • Instead of letting them fall freely from one level to the other, the debris must be properly lowered with the help of a crane, container or a chute.
  • However, on a demolition site, the debris may be allowed to fall freely, albeit in an enclosed area that is prohibited for worker access.
  • All nails, reinforcing steel parts or formwork ties that are protruding from within the concrete must be removed or cut off in order to prevent them from injuring a worker.
  • All stackable equipments or materials must be piled properly to prevent them from rolling or collapsing and injuring a worker.


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