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Health and Safety Consulting Knows No Bounds

Category | Safety Consultancy    Posted by SafetyON | June 26, 2020
It’s been a major change to the M.O. of Canadian business over the past 20 years. The shift from unregulated and largely independent business sectors has given way to a situation wherein policies and procedures lay the framework for any business to follow. Is this a good thing? Of course! Working safe is a fundamental human right, and there’s no doubt that a worker who feels safe will perform better. There’s been a growth of diverse industries that Canada has been on the cutting…

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Health and Safety Consultancy Services and Support

Category | Safety Consultancy    Posted by SafetyON | July 11, 2016
According to the latest health and safety legislation, the Occupation Safety and Health Act (OSHA), it is mandatory for both workers and supervisors to undergo training on occupational health and safety Ontario. This comprises of a basic workplace safety and health course, as well as sector-specific training. For this, you need the services of an accredited health and safety consultant. He/she will come over to your workplace, carefully study the risks and make a note of the occupational hazards…

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