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Workplace Injuries and Fatalities - Ontario Ministry of Labour

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Workplace Injuries and Fatalities - Ontario Ministry of Labour

Category | Ministry of Labour Ontario    Posted by SafetyON | December 29, 2016

It is bad when a worker gets injured, even if it is ever so slightly. That alone might mean a few minutes of downtime, which can turn out to be crucial when you are on a tight schedule. A more significant injury means the loss of more time and a major injury might mean you lose days and weeks altogether if you cannot replace your employee at such a short notice.

Under the Occupational Safety and Health Act (OSHA), an employer is mandated to provide a safe working environment for your workers. If anybody gets injured, your losses are further compounded by having to pay for worker compensation.

According to the Department of Labour, there were 233 workplace fatalities in 2014 (it was 919 for the whole of Canada). 81 of the 233 fatalities in Ontario were a result of trauma while the rest were owing to occupational diseases or illnesses contracted at the workplace. April 28 is observed as National Day of Mourning in remembrance of those who have lost their lives at the workplace, and the Canadian flag is flown at half-mast.

The country also saw 239,643 claims for compensation from workers because of lost time due to an injury or disease they acquired at the workplace.

The Ministry of Labour takes Occupational Safety and Health very seriously. In 2014-15, they conducted 70,604 field visits, covering 32,656 workplaces and issued 131,197 orders for non-compliance. In other words, they visited each workplace twice and found no less than four violations at every site. They collected a massive $9.3 million in fines, also prosecuted those who did not meet safety regulations. 817 employers were subsequently convicted.

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