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Workplace Accidents Reporting to be Strengthened

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Workplace Accidents Reporting to be Strengthened

Category | Workplace Safety    Posted by SafetyON | July 31, 2016

In a recent move to improve workplace safety norms, an Act amending the Labour Code has been proposed and it has passed its first reading. The Bill known as Bill C-292 will amend the Canada Labour Code pertaining to the accident and occupational disease registry.

Workplace Accidents Reporting to be Strengthened

Apart from carrying out regular health and safety courses, employers will also be required to report all occupational diseases, accidents, and any other hazardous incidents that take place within a workplace, if the Act comes into force. This report will be made to the Ministry of Labour.

Giving workers access to information about potential hazards
If it is approved, the Act will not just make it easier to spot workplace safety non-compliance, it will also make the organization’s efforts to maintain workplace safety more transparent and visible. Employers will be prompted to think in terms of giving more protection to the workers who help them earn their revenue, if not to reduce the risk than to remain compliant with the law.

This change will also enable workers to access detailed and accurate information about the potential hazards in their workplace. With this information in hand, employees will be better equipped to safeguard themselves too.