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Ontario Best Centre for Occupational Health and Safety Training

Category | Safety Training    Posted by SafetyON | August 17, 2016

There is a law that requires every supervisor and worker to be trained in workplace health and safety awareness. This training empowers the workforce by giving them a clear picture of their rights and responsibilities with respect to maintaining a safe and healthy work environment.

 Occupational Health and Safety Training

A surprising number of workers are not aware that they have key roles to perform when it comes to health and safety at work. The fact is that unless workers cooperate and carry out their responsibilities correctly, it is impossible for the employer to adhere to the safety laws completely.

When you opt to get your workers trained in workplace safety awareness by qualified, expert consulting services, you have a simple and effective way to communicate to them that workplace safety is not the sole responsibility of employers. In fact, workers wielding heavy machinery can pose a huge risk to their colleagues if they are not aware of their role to play in this respect, even if the employer has taken every measure to protect their employees. The employer is required by law to provide workers with clear, well defined instructions and information about staying safe while working. But, it is up to the workers themselves to apply this knowledge and protect themselves from harm.

The law also requires that supervisors undergo safety courses to fully understand their role in maintaining workplace safety. Apart from giving them a general overview of the law, these courses also educate supervisors about their authority and responsibilities with respect to safety related issues in the workplace. Training serves the key purpose of bringing the supervisor’s attention on all aspects, and not just the most evident ones, that need to be considered when making sure that health and safety at work is never compromised at any time.


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