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Health and Safety Guidelines for Workers Exposed to Biowaste

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Health and Safety Guidelines for Workers Exposed to Biowaste

Category | Health and Safety Regulations    Posted by SafetyON | May 22, 2017

There are several departments, including residential medical facilities, wherein the workers are constantly exposed to the hazards

health and safety legislation

of biowaste and are at risk of contracting severe infections and diseases. The Occupational Health and Safety Act in Ontario stipulates the health and safety regulations to be duly practised by all workers handling biowaste as a part of their job. 

  • All workers must be adequately trained by their supervisors in understanding the potential hazards and becoming familiar with the regulations for handling biowastes such as discarded syringes, condoms, cotton swabs, bandages or any other objects contaminated with blood or other body fluids.
  • All biowaste must be regarded as infectious and handled with utmost caution and as per the regulations.
  • Workers must ensure to prevent all chances of body contact with contaminated biowaste, and carry the waste bags and infected objects away from their body to reduce the chances of getting injured by sharp objects.
  • Workers are required to wear puncture resistant latex gloves and safety boots while handling biowaste.
  • All containers carrying biowaste must be duly marked and labelled with the biohazard symbol.
  • Infected sharp objects such as needles must always be disposed off in puncture-resistant containers such as leak-proof buckets, and sealed with a lid.

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