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What does COVID-19 mean for Business

Category | Health and Safety    Posted by SafetyON | March 25, 2020

Owners and employees alike are facing a drastic shock to their quarters as March (and to a lesser extent February) have been some of the slowest in recent years. Every industry, from safety consulting and governmental agencies to restaurants and salons face a closure either self-imposed or mandated by the government. And the resulting slump in both earning potential and revenue has already been devastating for many small and medium sized businesses. For anywhere that’s able to stay open during…

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Ontario in Crisis! A State of Emergency Declared

Category | Health and Safety    Posted by SafetyON | March 24, 2020

Finally coming to impact in Canada, the COVID-19 infection (formerly the novel Corona Virus) has taken a hold of society on every level. The very jobs and functions of many Canadians days lay altered and gone all together. Restaurants, movie theatres, nightclubs and even bars (on St. Patrick’s Day no less!) were forced to close or else risk fines from $5,000-$25,000 for serving patrons. Many people face tremendous loss of income forecasted for April due to the partial or full closure of their…

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How to Keep a Workforce Safe Amidst the COVID-19 Crisis

Category | Health and Safety    Posted by SafetyON | March 20, 2020

On March 17th the government announced it intends to introduce legislation that if passed could immediately provide job-protected leave to employees in isolation or quarantine due to COVID-19, or those who need to be away from work to care for children because of school or day care closures. This is a fantastic relief for many who are both starved for information and work in amidst the recent business closures. The strain to parents is felt particularly strongly felt, as they’ve…

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COVID-19 Case Study; O’Connor’s Ale

Category | Health and Safety    Posted by SafetyON | March 19, 2020

We usually utilize case study’s to observe how a business not following proper procedures can wind up closed or on the wrong side of a workplace health and safety audit. Unfortunately this is not this case now, and we’re examining a business that suffered a loss due to the catastrophic and unforeseeable nature of the Corona Virus and ensuing pandemonium. This local neighborhood bar in Etobicoke’s Southern neighborhood was forced to close down after a myriad of regulations and policies caused…

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Workplace Violence and Harassment: Understanding the Law

Category | Workplace Harassment    Posted by SafetyON | May 30, 2017

It is the right of an individual to be allowed safe and healthy environment to work in.

Workplace Violence and Harassment

The Occupational Health and Safety Act issued by the government of Ontario provides a clear set of workplace duties and responsibilities that all employers, supervisors and even employees must…

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Health and Safety Guidelines for Workers Exposed to Biowaste

Category | Health and Safety Regulations    Posted by SafetyON | May 22, 2017

There are several departments, including residential medical facilities, wherein the workers are constantly exposed to the hazards

health and safety legislation

of biowaste and are at risk of contracting severe infections and diseases. The Occupational Health and Safety Act in Ontario stipulates the…

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Which High Traffic Area Workers are at Maximum Risk of Work Related Injuries?

Category | Workplace Fatalities    Posted by SafetyON | April 25, 2017

It may not be correct to say that all jobs are high risk ones and that all workers are working in difficult conditions but there are a few jobs.

High Traffic Area Workers

where the conditions do expose workers to greater risk. In particular, when tasks have to be carried out in high…

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Housekeeping Guidelines for Construction Sites

Category | OSHA    Posted by SafetyON | April 04, 2017

Construction sites are at risk of accidents, if not maintained properly. In order to promote workplace health and safety at construction sites

construction health safety Housekeeping Guidelines Construction Sites

the OHSA has stipulated the guidelines for housekeeping…

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OSHA Guidelines for Adequate Maintenance of Industrial Work Premises

Category | OSHA    Posted by SafetyON | March 21, 2017

The majority of all workplace accidents in industrial establishments occur as a result of a faulty setup and ill-maintenance of the premises.

OSHA Guidelines for Adequate Maintenance of Industrial Work Premises

The workplace health and safety guidelines stipulated by the OHSA with regard to the setup and maintenance…

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Occupational Health and Safety and the IRS

Category | Occupational Health and Safety    Posted by SafetyON | March 14, 2017

The IRS or Internal Responsibility System is a system which ensures that every individual working within an organization in Ontario.

Occupational Health and Safety and the IRS

Understands and practices their responsibility for maintaining the safety standards stipulated by the Occupational Health…

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