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Joint Health and Safety Committees, Ministry of Labour - Ontario

Joint Health and Safety Committee Management

A Joint Health and Safety Committee (JHSC) serves as a tool for enabling the internal responsibility system within an organization or business. The committee is formed by involving representatives from the management and labour areas. This committee is expected to meet regularly and discuss health and safety concerns.

By grouping management and labour professionals together, an organization can address health and safety concerns by using practical knowledge within the context of company policies and procedures. Establishing a JHSC also facilitates cooperation from all areas of the business/organization towards solving health and safety issues.

The setting up of a JHSC falls under the responsibility of the concerned organization/business. The framework for setting up such a committee is provided by Canadian health and safety legislation. The terms of reference applied to the creation of a JHSC must also be established by the organization/business. These terms of reference must make sure that the JHSC complies to OHS (Occupational Health and Safety) legislation, is effective in overseeing specific workplace requirements, and engages employees across all areas.

SafetyON can help businesses and organizations set up a JHSC of their own. We also provide services in the area of Joint Health and Safety Committee management. We help JHSCs manage their day to day operations and conduct inspections that are in line with the framework offered by the Canadian health and safety legislation.

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