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Occupational Health and Safety Workplace Inspections Toronto, Ontario

SafetyON’s health and safety consultants can help your organization/business set up a Joint Health & Safety Committee (JHSC). Apart from that, we can also train the JHSC on how to carry out inspections and follow up on them. The JHSC is, in fact, required under the Occupational Health & Safety Act to conduct such inspections once per month such that entire the workplace is inspected within a year.

The inspection report will be submitted to your organization for your review to take required corrective actions.    In addition, these reports and records can be used by the JHSC to review information and identify trends with regard to the effectiveness of the organization/business’s health and safety program.

The details included in the reports and records will provide information on:

  • Training needs
  • Requirements for a deeper analysis of certain areas and equipment
  • Injuries in specific areas of the workplace and their causes
  • Safety concerns for particular work functions and how to improve them
  • Corrective action priorities.

The JHSC will be required to address the above mentioned concerns and prioritize the action item so they are resolved efficiently and effectively.  




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