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Should Your Company Join a Safety Eye-Wear Program
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Should Your Company Join a Safety Eye-Wear Program To Cater To Employee Eye-Wear Needs?

Category | Health and Safety    Posted by SafetyON | January 10, 2017

It is common knowledge that to prevent workplace injuries and fatalities, proper safety gear must be provided by the employer to all employees exposed to risks.

Safety Eye-Wear Program To Cater To Employee

As part of these requirements, employers are required to provide safety goggles or eye-wear to those workers who may be working on projects or in conditions where they face a higher risk of eye injuries. Now, when the employee wears prescription glasses, the standard issue safety glasses are of no use to him because he cannot see clearly through them. In such case, the employer must get special safety eye-wear that factor in the worker’s eye-wear prescription. In particular this is essential when the employer has to think about construction health and safety because this is a work area where poor sight can lead to bad accidents.

For the employer, getting prescription eye-wear for all the employees who need these can be a tedious and rather expensive process. A good solution to this is to sign up with a reputed eye-wear provider or brand that offers a comprehensive eye-wear safety program. With this arrangement, the employer makes a deal to buy all the prescription safety eye-wear from one single provider, who offers discounts because of the bulk orders they get. Often, the provider may also pick up and deliver the eye-wear at the workplace provided there are enough orders coming in through the employer. This arrangement can make the process simple, quick and affordable for you, the employer and also ensure that you put safety first for your employees.

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