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Which High Traffic Area Workers are at Maximum Risk of Work Related Injuries?

Category | Workplace Fatalities    Posted by SafetyON | April 25, 2017

It may not be correct to say that all jobs are high risk ones and that all workers are working in difficult conditions but there are a few jobs.

High Traffic Area Workers

where the conditions do expose workers to greater risk. In particular, when tasks have to be carried out in high traffic areas, workplace injuries and fatalities are more likely to occur. And this may happen despite adequate health and safety procedures taken by the employees themselves or the employer.

Typically, the risk is higher when work is being carried out on public roads. The problem is heightened if the activity is happening in winter months or late at night when visibility is really low. People using the public roads must pay attention to their surroundings more attentively if they are aware of some work taking place on the stretch. Awareness about this should be improved to curb the incidence of such events. Also, workers must be informed about the risks and also made to realize the importance of wearing safety gear like fluorescent jackets, putting up visible signs about the work going on etc.

There are many areas where workers face higher risks because of these reasons and these include construction sites, transport truck operations, courier service operations, transit operations, fire fighters, telecom installation projects etc.

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