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Changes in place to improve mine safety of workers-Industry mining
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New Changes in Place to Improve the Health and Safety of Workers in Mines

Category | Ministry of Labour Ontario    Posted by SafetyON | January 16, 2017

Ontario is reminding employers in the province's mining industry that, as of January 1, 2017, new requirements are in place to improve the health and safety of workers in mines.

health and safety of workers in mines

These requirements include:

Assessing and managing the risks of hazards and potential hazards that may arise in the mining industry, and developing and maintaining written measures to control the risks of those hazards in the workplace

  • Developing and maintaining a written water management program that includes measures and procedures to prevent any accumulation or unwanted flow of water that may endanger workers in underground mines 
  • Developing and maintaining a written traffic management program that includes measures and procedures to address workplace hazards related to reduced or impeded visibility of drivers
  • Recording seismic events that are likely to cause significant rock mass damage, compromise the effectiveness of the ground support system, or occur in or near an active mining area.

Investing in workplace health and safety for workers across Ontario is part of our plan to create jobs, grow our economy and help people in their everyday lives.  

Quick Facts
  • To further protect the health and safety of mine workers, Ontario has also invested an additional $800,000 this year to enhance Ontario Mine Rescue.
  • Ontario Mine Rescue is the program that creates, oversees and evaluates mine rescue training and standards in the province of Ontario.
  • A Mining Sector Risk Assessment for underground mines and an enforcement blitz focusing on processing and safe work practices in mines will commence in January.


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